2016 // Sewing plans


So Wardrobe Architect for 2015 unfortunately didn’t pan out so well for me..

I managed to work my way through the awesome worksheets, to explore what my style is, play with the silhouettes I love to wear + to plan a rough colour palette, but that’s as far as I got.

2015 // Rough plans


Although I still love each of the pieces I’d originally planned,  12 months have past + my wardrobe has naturally gained + lost a few pieces.  My confidence (+ hopefully skills!) have improved + there are now another 12 months worth of great patterns to select from!  Needless to say, my plans for this year are a little different.

I’ve had some more time to identify what my true style is.  I think one of the major problems I’ve encountered with my wardrobe previously is that although I love certain shapes + pieces, (high waisted bottoms, silhouettes that require high heels, etc.) if I’m really honest with myself, they’re not really suited to my beach / park / stay at home Mama lifestyle.

This year, rather than plan + sew seasonally, I’m just aiming to fill a few of the gaps in my wardrobe with pieces I love that will hopefully bridge across a few seasons.  We’re lucky here in Sydney as we tend to only have short Winters + mostly our climate allows for layering so I can use things like skirts + dresses throughout the year.

2016 // rough plans


Two dresses.  Two knits.  A pair of woollen pants.  A few tops.  And if I manage it, a Watson bra!


First up, a B+W polka dot dress with a full skirt.  I’ve recently finished my first McCalls dress, 7185, which I’m thinking could work nicely in this fabric?  Although a nice round neckline could make it more versatile for layering?  Need to get a wriggle on + decide on a pattern as I’d like to wear this for my birthday in March.  Throw your pattern suggestions at me!


The Ruby Top by Tessuti has been floating around in my make believe wardrobe since she arrived on the scene.  Love the neckline + how the cut exposes the shoulders just a touch more than a normal tank.  Print / colour is undecided – but needs to be something I can wear mostly with black + denim.


I love this Lila Sweater by Carrie Hoge.  Completely smitten with the stormy, dark grey colour too.  I think this shape could end up featuring in my handmade wardrobe a handful of times in different colours.


Another Tessuti pattern, the Kate Top.  This version by Funk Bunny totally rocks!  I’d love to add something similar to my handmade wardrobe.  Such a great basic.


Then Cloth Habit’s Watson bra.  Ahh, the Watson bra..  So delightfully delicate + infinitely sexy at the same time!  I’m in the process of weaning Arlo from the boob, so as soon as I’m done, there will be a return to cute little pieces like this.

I LOVE the style of this bra!  After wearing maternity bras for the last 18 months, I’ve become really anti the underwire in my bra’s.  So the fact that it looks super cute + should be comfortable will be a winner for me.

This will be my first ever attempt at lingerie / underwear – so I’ll be keeping it very simple + work with a black mesh, then maybe venture into the world of pretty lace..

The version above is by Morgan of Crab and Bee.  You can find more of her amazing handcrafted pieces over at her blog.


The second dress I’m adding to my sewing plan for 2016 is a basic tunic style dress.  This image is pinched from Pinterest, but I’ve been unable to track down the image’s owner.  This style is right up my alley!  I’m seeing this paired with my favourite tan sandals or my white cons.  Made up in a striped linen or even a seersucker will work beautifully as an everyday piece for me.


This Brioche Vest from Purl Soho is exactly what I was looking for last Winter!  Chunky knit, textured, side splits, perfect.  I had my eye on one that Witchery released, but alas, when I finally got a change to go + grab it, it was sold out!  This knit should provide endless layering options, whether it’s over a black dress, tights + boots, with jeans + a white shirt, or with the woollen 7/8 length pants I have listed next.  Just need to figure out how to do this stitch so I can follow the pattern!


Lastly, these grey woollen 7/8 pants.  Love that this length can be worn with cute flats or on the odd occasion where I need something to pair with heels, I can reach for these + not just my jeans!  I think if I can nail the fit I’d like a black pair also.  I can see these styled nicely with all of the other separates I have planned above.

So here’s to creating a handmade wardrobe!  Hopefully full of beautifully crafted pieces.  I’m certain the above will change as the year moves forward, but it does feel good to have a solid starting point for my selfish sewing projects.

First things first though, finish the cute black linen drawstring shorts I have cut + waiting patiently on my sewing table..


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